December 22, 2008

Time To Be SASSSC Again!

Ok ladies...I'm posting this a little early...but wanted to let you know that we've had a slight change in plans for our January meeting.

Turns out that about 3 of our members were not going to be able to make it on the regularly scheduled week. After emailing back and forth and getting opinions from the majority of the ladies in our group, we are going to reschedule our regular day to Saturday January 24th at our regular time. Was it 9:30?

I apologize for those of you that are out of pocket, who didn't recieve the emails proposing the question of when would be a better meeting time for January...but majority has spoken so we've gone ahead and changed it.

I hope everyone will be able to come and still fulfill assignments. The last SASSSC meeting was so fun because everyone did their part!

Please remember all assignments are listed on the bottom of the SASSSC blog. We are currently making 9 swap cards.

I've had a chance to correspond with Lynn. She is going to be doing our make 'n take this month. She has asked that we all bring our Mono tape along with any embellishements we might want to use for a decorating a Starbucks Coffee-Type Bottle. This could be ribbon, paper, jewels, rub-on's, whatever your heart desires.

I kinda like last time when we all brought embellishments...we shared a little and it almost because a little competitive to see who could make the cutest box. This time looks like we will be doing the same type of thing possibly with a bottle. It will be nice to see what Lynn has planned and what each lady will do with their embellishments. :)

See you SASSSC ladies on the 24th of January!