October 29, 2008

Welcome Margie and Adriana!

Let's all welcome our new members, Margie and Adriana to the group. Margie is Mary and Delia's sister. Adriana is someone most of already know from Laura's Stamp Club.

This makes our official #8 Member AND Member #9. We can't wait to see you both at the November meeting!

Please still make 9 cards for the November meeting. I can't wait to see all the kids birthday ideas each of you bring. :)

Also, see the adjusted responsibilities at the bottom of the blog. Every assignment is the same this month (November) and will be shifted starting in January becuase we have these new members. If you see any errors in how the new members were added to the rotation, please let me know.

October 23, 2008

Sour Cream Treat Box Ideas

Last month at Stamp Club Laura taught us all how to make cute little sour cream treat boxes. These were especially cute with double-sided SU Halloween paper.

Here are the instructions she provided, if you didn't get them already:
Sour Cream Treat

Cut a piece of designer paper 4 ½” x 3 ½”
Put sticky tape along one of the 3 ½” sides, and ½ way along one 4 ½” side and in the middle of the opposite 4 ½ side.


Remove covering from tape and roll 3 ½” side over to form a tube. Press one of the 4 ½” sides together. Fill with candy kiss and them press the other side closed from the OPPOSITE direction.
Make tag and attach with ribbon.


I LOVE THESE LITTLE THINGS! As always, Laura, thanks for all the great ideas and for the great instructions.

Check out this link for more examples (scroll down a bit)...I really like the cute bat and pumpkin one. Very appropriate for this time of year.

Halloween Sour Cream Treat Ideas

Here's another example where someone used the same idea for a baby shower or little girls' party.

Baby Shower Sour Cream Treat Idea



I have to give credit where credit is due. Lots of thanks to Laura for passing the idea off to us at club. She's the one that inspired me to make it and look for more ideas.

Also, the Halloween Sour Cream Treat Ideas link I posted comes from the SplitCoast Stampers website. There are other holiday ideas for the same Treat box there too.

Last but not least...want to make sure to thank MadCat Stamper, a blogger out there that posted the beautiful idea for Pretty Pink Treat boxes. You can see her blog by clicking on the name above and thank her if you'd like by commenting on the following post.

SU Word Search Background Stamp

I use Stampin' Up alot when I make cards and I routinely search the web for new ideas. There are alot of people out there using stampin' up, so sometimes you can find GREAT information that is specific to their stamp sets.

I was searching to find some cool uses for my crossword puzzle background stamp when I stumbled upon this REALLY COOL link!

It shows you a bunch of words and where they are at in the puzzle. Check it out!http://www.stampinkub.com/tutorials/tools/wordsearch.html

I found another link that shows some examples of how you can use it for cards...http://www.patstamps.com/Word_Search.html In one example here with the puppy on it, they made up their own letters and just spaced them similarly to the letters on the cross-word. What a great idea. You could include someone's name in the crossword this way too. :o)

October 19, 2008

First SASSSC Meeting - October 2008

Our first meeting was a great success. We had 5 people show...6 if you count Vegas. I think she will have to be nominated as the SASSSC mascot. Delia (Vegas's Mom) has been the initiator and organizer and has graciously donated her home the 3rd Saturday morning of each month for this club. :) Here's a picture of the members that were at our kick off meeting.


During this initial meeting, we sat down and discussed all the topics, parties and responsibilities for the next 8 to 12 months.

YES, we will have 2 big SASSSC parties and lots and lots of card swaps during the 8 to 12 month time the club is meeting. We will rotate food and deomonstration responsibilities each month to keep things interesting and keep everything running fairly and smoothly.

You can see some of our monthly theme decisions and our current reponsibilities grid posted up here on the site.

Here's a picture of our spread. Delia did ALL the food for this first event. It was very YUMMY! Thanks for everything Delia.


Here's a picture of our other spread. Delia has been in a similar club before. She told us a lot about it and used it as the base for her suggestions for this club. She kept going to her craft room and pulling out more and more samples that she made and also that other club members made during the duration of this other club.


MAN, I have to say there was a lot of creativity and thought put into this example club! The ladies in this other group were CREATIVE. Their parties and samples were fabulous! We have a lot to live up to. :) I'm really looking forward to the make 'n takes and seeing what others come up with surrounding our themes.

4 Great Reasons for SASSSC!

1. Great reason to be more creative more often.
2. Motivator to get early on a Saturday morning.
3. Excuse to enjoy brunch and some mimosa's. YAY!
4. A GREAT opportunity to enjoy the company of some GREAT ladies!

October 18, 2008


This is the first entry on our SASSSC Site! SASSSC is pronounced "Sassy". It's a new stamping club for a couple of us here in the Houston Area. We'll meet monthly to swap all our stamped creations. There are 8 of us now and we are still looking for 4 more committed members to join.

Our first official swap will be in November.

Check back...I'll be posting our pictures of our monthly swaps...pictures of our meetings and parties...and spotlights on our members on a monthly basis.

My name is Annie and I'll be maintaining the blog for these SASSSC ladies! Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments!