September 2, 2009

SASSSC Spotlight: OLGA

Our SASSSC spotlight this month is Olga. Here's some info you might/might not have known about her. I love these spotlights and learning more about each of you!!!


Name: Olga

Favorite Dessert: Limoncillo Tiramisu

You lives where: Euless, Texas

Where were you born: Chicago, Chicago that wonderful town!

How many brothers and sisters? 4 brothers and 4 sisters I'm the middle child

Any children? Tell us a little about them. None

Who introduced you to stamping and how did they introduce it to you? A friend from work gave me a stamp set for my birthday about 16 years ago and it took me a year before opening it. It was only after I attended a stamp convention that I was hooked, came home and opened the stamp set and got started and haven't stopped.

How long have you been stamping? 15 years

Why do you like stamping? Let's me be creative and try different things.

What is your favorite color or color combination to use? I like black and white

What's your Favorite occasion to stamp for? Christmas & Valentines.

Where do you get ideas? Sometimes they just pop in my head before falling asleep then I have to try and remember them the next day.

Do you have a favorite technique, style and/or tool? I like trying all kinds of stuff, love reading and learning new techniques, paints, etc.

How did you hear about SASSSC? My fellow MIdnight Stampers were an inspiration to Delia and Laura to start a group in Houston.

What do you like to do when you aren't stamping? Read. dance, & movies.

Tell us an interesting fact about you, that we may not know... I used to be a Customs Officer for 6 years and carried a gun to work everyday.